Nesbitt’s Orange Soda

Where to begin. This soda, made by Nesbitt’s of California (mostly bottled in my home state of Texas), has been an American institution since 1924. Hugh Nesbitt founded his juice company, which produced syrup for soda fountains. Years and other products lines rolled by, and nearly a century later, people are still enjoying Nebitt’s orange soda.

Mix it with some ice cream for a great summer treat. Even given to people who don’t care for orange soda, it survives the taste test. It’s pretty easy to find, so if you’ve never had the pleasure, pick one up. And hey, it was good enough for Marilyn Monroe.

“Nesbitt’s name on a soft drink is like sterling stamped on silver.”

Some trivia about Mr. Nesbitt: he died young … in a hotel brawl because he took a drink of another man’s liquor. So stick to soda, kids.

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