Durango Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream Soda

Now we’re talking. Durango Soda Company has been around for about ten years now and they put out some great products. Like others in their line, this one is made with triple-filtered water and pure cane sugar. It’s also caffeine free.

It tastes great. The carbonation level is just right, there’s just enough cream soda elements and lime flavor to balance it out, and the bottle was gone before we knew it.

The only real con I can think of, and it’s not even a reflection on the product itself, is that a lime cream soda doesn’t always go well with what you’re eating and it’s not always something I’d be in the mood for. Most people don’t match soda w/food like they do with other beverages but to me it’s just better by itself, especially on a hot day.

Price is a little steep if you’re just looking to quench your thirst … but if you like cream soda or lime and want to treat yourself, pick some of these up. Again it’s caffeine free which may be a plus or minus but either way give one of them a shot sometime.

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